Adventure by Ollie

A Search for Purpose in a Random World

The Suicide Letters

not pretty, the font

scrawled letters in case sensitive

type bold, ironic

everyday the same

grainy shades of gray

what is it? worth all?

to be here for some reason

aha, yes, ┬áthat’s it

the punch line, no joke

say it weak, you think

but it takes a lot of strength

holding these ribs together.



on the Isle of wait

thing for another thing-

Waiting for a thing that isn’t drunk

on waiting.

Preach of want

Of need, of starvation

Of being too drunk-

Too many cupfuls of reaching out

without finding another to hold onto

too deep the bottomless pint of




a listening ear,



Drink up the bitter brand

get drunk on lost loves and wear

Foam – the fear of dying alone

never anyone to carry me home.

drink the loneliness that waits

in an empty house

Drink empty stairs

Drink empty bed

Drink it drunk

And stamp it on my tongue

Stranger’s love as strange is better

Than waking

Hung over in the morning

On the Isle of wait


How to Steal the Sun

She stole the sun!

At least,

I thought she did,




Just ipsidy dipsidy

So I left.

I walked away.

But, when I looked up

I saw

Following me

The sun!

That’s when I knew

I stole the sun, too.

She Did Not

but there were faces, uncovered,

In the wood grain

In the swirls of water washing over her calm body,

Speak of gray blue eyes,

Speak of sad questioning lips and

Pearl earlobes,

In the lines of dark and lite text,

In the spools of seagulls’ footprints,

And they were seen, they must have been,

In the mixing of sand and salt water

The current pulled them in

And pushed them under;

So all voices of waves, wind,

And gulls cried over

Her too calm body curved in the current

There on the shore.

And they begged her

with beating

to breathe,

to dance,

to play.

But she did not on that day.

Girl with Elephant

I gave my love to an elephant

Tied with a bow in box

She took it gladly, how elegant

Said she, she said I know

A way we both can lephagent

Like others seem to do

Tie a string around your legalant

And away we will go

Those below us all emoji-ed

And thought it such a trip

To see a girl and eleblimp

Fly so hip


Turtles Cross Here

Floweredly the counter bluebells

Ringing across the fields

Of sheep and baby

Lambs bleat in the sunlight

Rays streaking

Nude like over the valley

And I’m not drunk

Yet, quite dizzy though,

You’re to blame for

Turtles cross here

The white brickwork road

Leads to my bed somewhere

The end waits comforting with promises

Of sleep warm, so safe, so safe the words

echoing through the newly formed nights,

No love within them.

eight, nine, ten…

To have that ten back,

seconds tick away and the moment is passed

the present was right here in front of me:

blue eyes, round lips, arms like oh my god –

can I lick them? bite them? taste them? salt.

the gathering of words and stumbling

Why can’t my mouth say what my heart wants?

“I love you.”

Say it.

Three words, ten seconds…

The whistle blows,

final boarding.

I’ll write.

Me too.

eight, nine are leaving

ten turned to wave

all the world is a train is an airport

is the car driving away

is the melting horizon in sunset

and I can’t find my keys.



Where come did you go

And mango the flowering trellis

Like me

Small hands a bit clumbsying the way

Pastel chalk doth do

As the sea makes it’s market in the sand

Then recinds.

Can we lemonade the day

Salty sweet

Or will it drift away

Beneath of feet?

The Prince and the Princess

princess thought

frog he was not

handsome princely

said many

need never for

money to wed

beautiful and wealthy

not greedy

heart decided

it had found love


love found

had it

decided heart


not beautiful and wealthy

wed to money for never need

many said

princely handsome

not he

was frog

thought prince

Sun Rising

Sun, the rising of

East, welcoming

birdsong chorus-ers

flowering, skies blue

beckoning me unto

but feel it I do not

can’t see top to bottom


bottom to top.

See? Can not.

Do I it feel,

but unto me, beckoning:

chorus-ers, birdsong,

blue skies, flowering?


east of rising,

the Sun.

It Happened So

It happened so quickly

the hand could not

reverse itself.

All I remember through breezes

heavy kissing the blue dress:

wind moving trees,

birds winging, singing bright,

yellow sun.

And now?

Sun yellow, bright,

singing, winging birds,

trees moving wind,

dress- blue.

The kissing heavy, breezes through.

Remember I all.

Itself, reverse not.

Could hand the quickly?

So happened it.

Top Step Hat Dance

walk crazy,

this way and that

step likely

to be in top hat

or to be in humble rags

as though the world were not

a place where such things happened

as to say to one come here,

and to the other – go now.

Do not be fooled, friend –

‘what I do to another, I have done unto myself’.

So, sandal the feet.

Crazy walk, this way,

and that step likely humble –

as though the world were not.

A Broken Little Nut

Hand was reaching in and peeling back

the folds of comfort neatly tucked

protective gauze, aware or not,

until exposed the inner gut.

And was it of golden hue?

A pure and perfect nut?

It was severely flawed;

a broken little box,

but the heart adored the small and flaw-ful nut

with humble make and raw construct

And loved it more, though flaws may be,

than any gem of rare beauty.

In conclusion…

I don’t give my heart half-heartedly,

or stumble a bit into love.

One look, one spark, the light in your eyes

was enough to move me.

I am a cliff jumper,

high flyer;

I am insane.

My faith knows nothing of

practicality- I could use a dose of it,

to be sure of my own necessity.

Walk slowly?


Look both ways?

How shall I,

and what will my conclusion be?




The White Heron and I

I walked side by side with the white heron;

my heart was full of uncertainty,

but he did not flee- he trusted me-

and in this he seemed to say,

“You can handle that which is coming.”

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