female cardinal

Random, ordinary, commonplace; these are words I would use to describe my recent drive into town, just regular life. Nothing special. And then suddenly, a bird. My car windows were down, so I even heard it chirping. There, in the middle of the road, was a hurt female cardinal. It was still alive. The car in front of me passed, and barely missed the bird. I turned around and pulled over. From the side of the road I grabbed a discarded Hardies bag, and walked into the middle of the road to where she lay, dazed and struggling. She had been hit, but she wasn’t bleeding. I set aside the brown paper stretcher – since it was not needed. She had a bright tuft of red for her crown, and a strong orange beak. I picked her up and held her in my hands. She looked at me. The expression in her eye was one of fear and worry, but after examining her wings, I decided she would soon be fine.

On the side of the road was a smallish sort of wilderness. Beside a tree with strong branches, I held open my hand for her. She stood up, stumbled, then stood up again with greater strength than at first. She remained perched there, on my hand. Her delicate claws mastered me. She was a tiny Queen, and I her servant. The weight of her body as she leaned into me, trusting me, was perfect. Eden had come to me, in that moment, with arms wide open.

Random, ordinary, commonplace; these are words I have used to describe my life -nothing special. Then suddenly, a bird. Suddenly, a miracle, and Eden is near again. There is nothing random, ordinary, or commonplace about any of us, and we must never forget this.