I’ve been pursuing a lifelong dream for a while now – I think of it as though I’m “chasing my destiny,” and amazingly, circumstances are falling into place. I thought that I would be writing about steps to take in making ones dream come true – living that great adventure, but surprisingly, most of what I’m learning doesn’t seem to fall under the category of, “How to Make a Dream Come True.” I’m learning how to listen to my own soul, how to hear the voice of God, and feel my way through my own life. This type of listening and knowing is similar to what I’ve experienced while kayaking rivers.

At first, one is rowing, sitting in one’s boat – not very focused – just going with the flow, but then following the flow of water isn’t always best. Rivers are full of trees, rocks, and other obstacles worthy of avoiding – such as alligators. As soon as the first obstacle appears on the river ahead, I fall into a Zen-like, meditative zone. In this zone I am the Warrior Queen of the River. The river gets deeper, the current grows rougher, and suddenly, it’s just me and God on the river.

Every decision, every movement of my oar as I dip into the water, every direction I take as I steer my boat is another word in a prayer and God and I are soon talking together, zooming around tree branches and zipping in between obstacles, dancing on the water.