So far, I’m doing very well in school, but just to share with you the struggles I’m plagued with here is an excerpt from my journal:

“Class is in Session – and I’m headed full steam, bulldozer style into my future.  I’ve set very high standards for myself, and sharply elbow doubt every chance I can.  BUT…I’ve hit a wall that won’t bust.  I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.  I can’t focus, and I’m loosing steam.  Wasting energy worrying about an assignment I’m unsure if I can ace.  Wouldn’t it be okay to just pass?  No.  I want better for myself. I want better for those I love. I’m insecure. Wondering (and not wanting to find out) if I really don’t have what it takes.

But this is the girl I am – the girl who has turned overachievement into a hobby, and it motivates me to action when I would otherwise spend the weekend on the couch eating ice cream and watching “New Girl” reruns.”

Grades: 96, 93, 100,100, 97….

tick, tick, tick the minutes on the clock

tap, tap, tap the post it notes