Love Poem No. 2: 4/14/15


You’re never good with


and you’ve not concept of time –

because they’re numbers,

and you’re only good with words.

So listen carefully,

and I will teach you how to do

a calculation;

and before the day is through

you will have numbers. 


Are you ready?

(Close your eyes.)


Here are five fingers,

reaching out to hold your hand.

Entwine your fingers 

with my fingers – take my hand.

Now do the numbers:

Five plus Five?

That makes two.  I think I understand.

(Five plus Five equals two? I have much more work to do!)


Now pay attention!

And I’ll make it simpler still.

I have two eyes, Dear,

and they’re focusing on you.

You have two eyes, too –

see my reflection deep within.

Let’s do the numbers:

Two plus Two?

That makes one! I knew I wasn’t dumb!


Now I’ll be stricter!

My patience growing thin

– back to basics.

Perhaps, that’s where we must begin.

I have one heart here

beating wildly, full of love.

You have a heart there

– lacking mathematic groove.

Do the numbers:

One plus One?

That makes three!  I am so glad you taught me!