Down below the river bank

and little limestone bluff

swims a twenty-two foot alligator

looking green and tough.

He is smiling up at me.

I’m looking down at him.

He licks his pretty pearly whites

– invites me for a swim.

“Come on in, the water’s fine.

Promise it’s not a lie.

If you join me you will find

you will be gratified.

Let me take you on a date

-I’ll nibble on your ear.

Such a lovely pic-en-nic,

we could have, my dear.”

I considered his invite

Oscillating none.

So, I nodded hungrily –

A date with me he’d won.

“With sweet smiling grins of yours,

Sir, how could I refuse?

I am sure that you can choose

to chase away my blues.

A swim sounds nice – how happily

we’ll play within the springs,

And I’m so sure we’ll find some time

for sumptuous nibble-ings.”

(That is the way one should reply

– polite, courteously,

toward all invitations kind

and gentle-manner-ly.)

And so I began to dive

into the water sweet

coil by coil, unraveling, all thirty feet of me;

wrapped myself around him thrice

and gave him a big squeeze!