This is meant to be played or sung as a song.  When I read it, I hear the music in my head, but it doesn’t read well.  I feel the message is still lovely and hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for visiting…

There’s a boy that I once loved,

Way down in the valley.

He had eyes gentle as doves,

Down in the valley.

I’ll show you his picture fair,

but he’s gone far away from here,

Far from the valley.


The bugle horn called him away,

Down in the valley.

He joined the line of boys that day,

Down in the valley.

Keep him safe from harm, I’d pray,

And bring him back to me one day,

Back to the valley.


The letters came with words so sweet,

Down to the valley

Promises we planned to keep,

Down in the valley.

Words that told him he was missed,

We sealed each letter with a kiss,

Sent from the valley.


Sad news came to me one morn,

Down in the valley,

My love was lost and I forlorn,

Down in the valley.

They say he saved another man,

But what of all our hopes and plans –

Down in the valley?


They brought him home with purple star,

Down to the valley.

And laid him in the old church yard,

Low in the valley.

I wept long, then got my gun,

Marched up to the battle line

And earned revenge for all of my

Lost love in the valley.


If I die here in this war,

Bury me next to my love,

Down in the Valley.