Please, forgive me

I loved neatly drawn

rivers of drunkenness

crookedly those valleys walked

between mounds rising V-shaped

his green eyes poor and beautiful

I counted my soul


all the rows – a million hopes

plowed now in the sun

accidentally a farmer

that is why.

Please, forgive me.

I loved a farmer poor and beautiful

but not returned

was I right

not was it good or nice

I loved him so

he did not love me.


Love not?  Did he? So.

Him loved I – nice or good, it was not right.

I was returned.  Not but beautiful, and poor.

Farmer – AH!

Loved I!


Forgive, please.

Please forgive me.

I loved a farmer, poor and beautiful.

His green eyes accidentally plowed

rivers of drunkenness into my soul.

I counted all the neatly drawn rows;

V-shaped mounds rising in the sun.

In between those valleys

are planted a million hopes unharvested.

That is why I walk so crookedly now.