Writing Exercise: FACT VS. FICTION (a.k.a – The Dancing Mugs) or Assignment Numero Uno, Gracias, Senior. [A:1.5]

Coffee. AM.  Before thinking.  Before driving.  Before doing or being.  Just.  Coffee.  Coffee and dancing elephants.  Skirts twirling on elephants.  Skirts polka-dotted and glittering.  Dancing polka-dotted elephants. And Coffee.  One of the elephants, the young light toned one with heavily rouged cheeks, steps forward.  Pours herself a cup.  Sits down across the table from me and says, “Do you know what’s in your coffee?”

“Pfhht.  No.” I reply, “besides caffeine and goodness?  How about the kick we all need for pretending social grace.”  I sip again.  And again. Another sip.  Loud slurps.  Sweet slurps.  Creamy, loud, sweet slurps of Goodness Social Graces.  The large pink elephant with bright polka-dot and glitter skirt looked down, smoothed out a ruffle, adjusted her tankini top and smirked, “your coffee is spiked.”

I nod.  “You’re cute.  Wanna go out later?”

“I’m into bulls,” she replied.

“So am I.  Into bulls.  Guys.  Whatever.  As friends.  We could go out.”

Just friends and coffee.