It’s not often one sees a vision of hope in a crowded metropolitan city, but this morning I saw it standing at the corner of Fifth and Main waiting for the Pedestrian Crossing Sign to change. She was a young, thirty something woman with brown hair.  It shone a dark gold color in the sun.  Her attire was rather plain except for the colorful stripes of her winter cap.  Her jacket was a utilitarian greenish brown with a black stripe down the sleeve. She blinked, staring into the direction of the rising sun.

It’s early in a busy city and so many people are moving, walking along the sidewalks, crossing the street, talking, eating, but she is waiting, standing still. Perhaps that is why she stood out to me; one fixed point at the center of chaos.  She had a slight tilt to her frame as if the satchel she carried were heavy, but not too heavy. Her brown eyes seem content to rest above her straight forward point of nose.  Everything about her seemed clear, even her face which was light and clean. “She must be the only relaxed person on the whole street– in the whole state!” I exclaimed to myself. She smiled and hugged the satchel’s strap to her shoulder. At that moment, I thought I could hear her thoughts. “This is what love feels like,” she said to herself. “Nothing complicated. Just a quiet good morning kiss in comfortable P.J.s. He walks the dog. I make the coffee. Simple.”  I nodded to myself.  She wants it to stay the same.  It probably won’t.  The light will change.  The sun will set.  So too, all our comforts.



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