Three simple steps to a Bloggerific Summer:

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Bloggers are so intelligent. I discovered how intelligent during a recent visit to my Pinterest account, where I discovered about one million DIY ways to make every single second of my day proactive, productive, and protein packed.  The intelligence of bloggers in their ability to turn me into an over-achieving, DIY, super-charged, self-aware, earth conscious, bio-degradable, organized, efficient, perky, LOL nerd is sky high and off the chart.  After scrolling down through the mix of about a few hundred blog sites, gifs, and random daily inspirational quotes shared by other pinners, I yawned.  The flurry of options almost made me want to get up off the couch – Hey! At least I thought about it!

It’s the summer, and I’ve got a break from school and teaching.  All year long I’ve dreamed of the wonderful projects and things I’d do, “once school is out.”  I’ve pinned them to my boards with descriptions like, “Will do this summer!”  and “Can’t wait to try this after finals.”  Now the time is here.  What have I done?  I can answer you with one word: SLEEP.

Oh Glorious Sleep! Oh Wondrous Mind-Numbing Nothing! Oh Beauteous Inactivity!  Oh the sweet, sweet joy of un-doing!  In my New and Improved Summer Dictionary, DIY stands for: Really? Pfffft! No! Do- it- YOUR-self, as I am lying on the sofa basking in non-motivation.

Long, long after other bloggers have milked their own cows, shaped their butts and abs, and sewn hand-me downs into one dollar wonders I am still in bed.

I don’t feel guilty about it, not at all, and neither should you.  In fact, here is the one blog that will really get some action this summer thanks to its helpful list for getting us on our way to an inefficient and unproductive, but very restful summer…

Number One: Sleep

Sleep. Sleep as often as possible.  Sleep, wake up, and then go back to sleep.  Sleep until you wake up naturally, then get up, walk into the other room where you can lay yourself down on the couch (DIY!), pick up a book, pretend to read, and then fall back asleep.  Or, for those of us who are more spiritually attuned: Wake up.  Sit in yoga/prayer position.  Meditate/Pray until falling back asleep.  Namaste. Omm. Snore and Amen.

Number Two: Say No.

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but here are a few examples:

“Are you going to mow the lawn today?”  No.

“Are you going to get out of bed today?” No.

“Are you going to do that thing?” NO.

No, no, and no are perfect answers to most questions.  Try it.

Number Three: Rest is Important

Without rest, our bodies and brains cannot be productive.  Without rest, we cannot properly take care of those who need our time and energy.  To be productive take care of yourself first.

This sounds so wrong.  Admit it – you read those words and cringed, and it wasn’t a normal “I-don’t-like-the-sound-of-that” cringe: nose slightly turned up, eyes down, mouth grimacing.  Oh no!  It was an “Oh-Lordty-I-just-read-something-pure-evil!” cringe: 10x(nose slightly turned up, eyes down, mouth grimacing).

RELAX and take a tip from the mother raccoon.

Baby coyote, Canis latrans, with young raccoon, Procyon lotor, on edge of lake, Missouri USA; Source: Google Images
Baby coyote, Canis latrans, with young raccoon, Procyon lotor, on edge of lake, Missouri USA; Source: Google Images

She catches her prey and feeds herself first, then she feeds her babies.  Why does she do this?  Is she greedy? Selfish? Unintelligent? NO. (See, I practiced step two.)  She knows that she needs energy to make it back to the nest, to fight off predators, and to defend her babies.  She needs enough energy to do it all again, before her next meal – before she is completely depleted of energy stores.  She also needs energy to teach her babies how to hunt and defend themselves.  Her own needs get a top priority because if she is not at her best, if she doesn’t store up energy first, she may die, leaving her babies helpless and vulnerable.  The most caring thing we can do for those we take care of is to take care of ourselves.

The over driven, over-worked, overly ambitious “American” lifestyle is damaging, neurotic, and toxic.  Do not make me pull out the facts, statistics, and basic supporting junk details.  Just Google it – make it part of your ‘pretend to read before falling back asleep’ plan.

Now you have reason to support steps one and two.  You’re welcome.

Maybe you don’t have the summer off, and maybe you work overtime or extended shifts.  Work the steps when you can, and reap the rewards as often as possible.  Practice makes Perfect.

Weekend To-Do Lists? NO.  After Work Stuff? Pffft! NO! Hyperactive Sundays? N.O. Don’t shake that religious finger at me, Girlfriends.  I’ve read the Bible.  God rested and He told us to do the same.

Motivation, devotion, and patience return soon after the mind and body are rested. At least, that is what I am preaching…