I lay in the grass on the ground in the good night

feel the earth sigh beneath me, surrounded by breeze

white flowers dot the hillside reflecting moonlight

all bright points of light dance in a sea of darkness

where earth and sky confuse and merge into one

You are there, just there, I could almost touch

the hem of your garment and call you MINE

belonging to me, no one other

just your face shining down at me tonight

All the bearded smiles, the tender gazes

of a million stars, their bright reflecting faces

are a mirror of me, a mirror of you reaching

across the thin veil of space and time

I see you breathe, see the breeze all around me

I see your eyes, the moon shining up from deep water

I hear your voice, as leaves dancing through treetops

singing along with the music I hum

Take my hand, swing me out against the darkness

hold me close, waltz across dark matter

frictionless space where they spin forever

each spin an echo of your name

My hand in yours, now we’re blood bonded

you write my name on the walls of your heart

I memorize all your lines and your wrinkles

trace my fingers over all your scars

here in this moment and each one after

I’ll be an echo of your Name.

love echoes Love and the song that we sing