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September 2016

Breathe in Me

Get the hell out from behind my eyes

You, yes, I know I walked away from mine,

let you fall behind, pushing you far behind.

I can’t stand you, can’t let you breathe in me,

but without you everything is so boring.

I’m miserly.  Just let me make believe

that I can live a day without thinking of you,

I can be alone in a room without you.

Freedom is so much fun, being on my own,

and by the way, How the hell long have you been gone?

I’m demanding why you let me leave-

overturning and throwing things.

Go be a god in my universe

be the sun in my sky and my star at night

Be my Orion, I’ll be your dog star

chasing you with tongue panting like oh my god

sit in the heavens on a diamond throne

just as long

as you touch me and I feel you

breathe in me.



Wrinkles and Youth; Lead the Way Toward a Free View on Aging.

Our modern society respects the youth culture. It believes being young is beautiful, but it’s actually quite naïve and stupid in many ways. It is our responsibility to reclaim the beauty, the sacred, the holy which is characteristic of aging. We can do this simply by choosing a different perspective. It is a choice.  We decide.  It’s conscious for some, and then others follow unconsciously – the herd mentality.  That’s how it works.  So what we’ve got to do is be the ones who lead the way.

The theme of wrinkles appear often in my writing.  I like the idea that they are words, sentences, stories which life has written upon our bodies – which we write ourselves upon our bodies as we live life and gain experience.  I choose to celebrate them.  I invite you to do the same.

Let’s Play Once More

before it’s time to go.

The clock rushes,

too soon another hour

dictates the measuring of life.

The work desk demands,

“what have you done today?”

The body says, “I’m weary,” and grows old.

The stubborn donkey feet declare,

“I’ve walked enough for one lifetime,”

then the soul is agreeing.

Don’t turn your eyes away from me.

Let’s play once more.

Taste the wine fully.

Laugh completely.

Tell every joke

and hide away

a little while longer.

Let breath, kisses, and love exceed that which is wise-

the One who measures all these

loves abundance.


Higher than Can’t

they said, “You can’t do that,”

and so we did

every step.

There was no path –

we made one.

The steps we took,

were stumbling steps

feet upon gravel

not neat and swept.

No looking back –

hand in hand we rose,

higher than the cant’s.

“Can’t climb mountains.”

Good we didn’t listen,

here we are, at the top

and not ready to stop.

Now, to climb the clouds.


just to see what happens

when I do this

your mouth is drooling

all it took was a kiss

just to get a reaction

with mouth open wide

are you astonished

at my lack of pride

just to see what happens

now your eyes understand

how ordinary

and so very plain

are your own machinations

your own attempts

to acquire dominance

The Best Stories

Do not cry.

I will not die,

Child of my Daughter’s womb.

A fading tree in

the fading light-

not I.

Do you see these hands?

These wrinkles are words,

are sentences.

All the best stories

of life and love

are written here.

Is a book ever buried?

Only shelved.


the minor temples

lime green yellows

fold themselves to catch the rain.

the sun’s fading light reveals them to be

God’s minor temples.

Ten Seconds

to tell you how I feel

water rushes down my back

like Noah said

so why is my mouth dry?



Haiku Number Next (7)

you put your hand here and squeeze

making wrinkles, oh the joy of

wearing them

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