Get the hell out from behind my eyes

You, yes, I know I walked away from mine,

let you fall behind, pushing you far behind.

I can’t stand you, can’t let you breathe in me,

but without you everything is so boring.

I’m miserly.  Just let me make believe

that I can live a day without thinking of you,

I can be alone in a room without you.

Freedom is so much fun, being on my own,

and by the way, How the hell long have you been gone?

I’m demanding why you let me leave-

overturning and throwing things.

Go be a god in my universe

be the sun in my sky and my star at night

Be my Orion, I’ll be your dog star

chasing you with tongue panting like oh my god

sit in the heavens on a diamond throne

just as long

as you touch me and I feel you

breathe in me.