the gods were jealous of us,

how we shone too brightly in the pool of heaven

Tell how

we were that which philosopher’s dreams were made of

sitting in the long dewy green grass and blue jeans

analyze the distant stars

count infinitude

Tell how

we were born in blood and hair and spit and tears

animal bodies tempered with spirit

fierce breathers of air, stomping into the earth

making plows of our feet and fingers

Tell how

skin felt so good to wear

leaping, laughing, jumping in deep water

sand between toes and the pleasure of pasta

Tell how

I was bitten and bit in return

tasting red, warm iron mixed with salt

fisted glory, rage and passion

how we fought, were overcome,

were conquerors

Tell the story

we dig for, seek in strange places and

find only in coming home.

Make jealous of us.

Tell me how

much like gods we are.