Adventure by Ollie

A Search for Purpose in a Random World


May 2018

She Did Not

but there were faces, uncovered,

In the wood grain

In the swirls of water washing over her calm body,

Speak of gray blue eyes,

Speak of sad questioning lips and

Pearl earlobes,

In the lines of dark and lite text,

In the spools of seagulls’ footprints,

And they were seen, they must have been,

In the mixing of sand and salt water

The current pulled them in

And pushed them under;

So all voices of waves, wind,

And gulls cried over

Her too calm body curved in the current

There on the shore.

And they begged her

with beating

to breathe,

to dance,

to play.

But she did not on that day.

Girl with Elephant

I gave my love to an elephant

Tied with a bow in box

She took it gladly, how elegant

Said she, she said I know

A way we both can lephagent

Like others seem to do

Tie a string around your legalant

And away we will go

Those below us all emoji-ed

And thought it such a trip

To see a girl and eleblimp

Fly so hip


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