Adventure by Ollie

A Search for Purpose in a Random World


February 2019

The Lonely Moon

Simple notes

Strung together like

Little pearls

Heaven help us

Tank’s running low

We’re turning on

A little road.

Circle back again

It’s a whisper

In the wind

Doesn’t matter

rain or shine

Clock is ticking,

Flowers wilting.

Why search

For peace?

Wheel needs

No grease

Let it squeak on

Rather moan

Honest songs

To the lonely moon.

teapot on the shelf

looking down at me

teacup on the floor

played too roguishly

no, not broken, please

have to keep myself

looking prettily

mustn’t crack a bit

she will frown at it

spinning round and round

little game I play

watch the colors spin

dancing in my clay

and that is the way

I fall on the ground

hear the teapot say,

“mustn’t crack a bit

she will frown at it.”

Something in the Night

from the village shore

mountains lift

muddled attempts

to Irish cider rules

one danced


but I was tired,

so I blacked out

and around my

soft velvet chair

the party clamored

delighting in the night.

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