Adventure by Ollie

A Search for Purpose in a Random World


My Journey

Good and Well

Sleeps it well

And good

Rocking in the wind

Cradled thee between

Petals, my legs, my arms, my mouth

It’s a cave in the dark.

My heart heaves beneath a cage of bone

It possibly feels at home

It puts the kettle on,

At least, that’s what I hope.

Between the cradled wind

Rocking fiercely in the wind

Sleeps it in the wind

Good and well sleeps it.

eight, nine, ten…

To have that ten back,

seconds tick away and the moment is passed

the present was right here in front of me:

blue eyes, round lips, arms like oh my god –

can I lick them? bite them? taste them? salt.

the gathering of words and stumbling

Why can’t my mouth say what my heart wants?

“I love you.”

Say it.

Three words, ten seconds…

The whistle blows,

final boarding.

I’ll write.

Me too.

eight, nine are leaving

ten turned to wave

all the world is a train is an airport

is the car driving away

is the melting horizon in sunset

and I can’t find my keys.

Breathe in Me

Get the hell out from behind my eyes

You, yes, I know I walked away from mine,

let you fall behind, pushing you far behind.

I can’t stand you, can’t let you breathe in me,

but without you everything is so boring.

I’m miserly.  Just let me make believe

that I can live a day without thinking of you,

I can be alone in a room without you.

Freedom is so much fun, being on my own,

and by the way, How the hell long have you been gone?

I’m demanding why you let me leave-

overturning and throwing things.

Go be a god in my universe

be the sun in my sky and my star at night

Be my Orion, I’ll be your dog star

chasing you with tongue panting like oh my god

sit in the heavens on a diamond throne

just as long

as you touch me and I feel you

breathe in me.



Wrinkles and Youth; Lead the Way Toward a Free View on Aging.

Our modern society respects the youth culture. It believes being young is beautiful, but it’s actually quite naïve and stupid in many ways. It is our responsibility to reclaim the beauty, the sacred, the holy which is characteristic of aging. We can do this simply by choosing a different perspective. It is a choice.  We decide.  It’s conscious for some, and then others follow unconsciously – the herd mentality.  That’s how it works.  So what we’ve got to do is be the ones who lead the way.

The theme of wrinkles appear often in my writing.  I like the idea that they are words, sentences, stories which life has written upon our bodies – which we write ourselves upon our bodies as we live life and gain experience.  I choose to celebrate them.  I invite you to do the same.

Let’s Play Once More

before it’s time to go.

The clock rushes,

too soon another hour

dictates the measuring of life.

The work desk demands,

“what have you done today?”

The body says, “I’m weary,” and grows old.

The stubborn donkey feet declare,

“I’ve walked enough for one lifetime,”

then the soul is agreeing.

Don’t turn your eyes away from me.

Let’s play once more.

Taste the wine fully.

Laugh completely.

Tell every joke

and hide away

a little while longer.

Let breath, kisses, and love exceed that which is wise-

the One who measures all these

loves abundance.



just to see what happens

when I do this

your mouth is drooling

all it took was a kiss

just to get a reaction

with mouth open wide

are you astonished

at my lack of pride

just to see what happens

now your eyes understand

how ordinary

and so very plain

are your own machinations

your own attempts

to acquire dominance

The Shape of My Glory

There are no scars on my body

it’s just the look of my soul

surely marred and disfigured

but probably same as most.

There’s no tell-tale marking

to explain what’s beneath

sometimes the things that are hidden

are to hard to speak.

It’s just the limp of my heart

that fails to offer a home

to those who may be trustworthy-

best to not let them close.

There are no scars on my body

It’s just the shape of my soul

the shape of my glory

and the triumph of Hope.



What I Ate Today

Haha, this is not a poem.  This is prose Homes! What’s up? Hump Day is OVER.  Happy Dance.

I’ve been watching lots of YouTubers lately show me all they ate in a day.

I don’t have a YouTube channel (actually, I do, but there’s no videos there…so…) writing a blog now of what I ate for you and myself.  We be so obsessed with food, ya’ll.

Okay here we go.  I hope you’re not hungry, cuz if you are, your mouth is about to water.

So this morning I woke up at 6:00 AM.  The first thing I do in the morning is drink a glass of water and sit on the couch sipping water until I’m awake.  I drink water in the morning instead of coffee or tea…


about an hour later, I’m sitting down to breakfast. It was:

warm lemon water

baked potato with

grass fed browned beef, black beans, avocado, tomatoes, and sliced olives.

It was delish. (Left overs for breakfast! LOVE a little cayenne pepper in the AM)

Filled up my tumbler with water and headed off to work, where I…

move, move, move, move, move

and by 9:30 I’m starving, so I ate:

a banana

which held me over for a few

at 12:00 noon, I’m a hunger bear

rabid, drooling, running people over on my way to my pretty pink lunch box

and I ate:

Asian chicken noodle soup with onions and carrots

a peach, a plum, some peach herbal tea

cuz that’s how I do it, don’t judge me, it’s how I was born

eating, hungry, sucking milk and making wild baby pig sounds

like: oink, oink, oink, coo. Adorable.

I filled my tumbler several times with water, so about 8 or 9 or 10 cups of water

I hate being thirsty

I drank a pond, a river, an ocean

a fish, a shark, a whale

and I’m still hungry

so at home for dinner I ate

a bowl of potato chips doused in plain, sour Kefir

I don’t know why I did, but I did.  Forgive me.  I ate it like a gorilla eats

whatever it is that a gorilla eats

and dessert?

a mango.

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Friday is coming soon!


10 Things I Wish Every Pastor Knew


1. I don’t need to hear a Sermon.

I know you think I do, but I really don’t.  I am an adult.  I can read and research on my own.  Plus, after a lifetime of going to church and sitting under sermons and Sunday School lessons, I truly have heard it all.  Ask me what I need, and I’ll tell you that a sermon, or sermon notes, doesn’t help or heal at 2:00 AM when I’m bawling my eyes out, when the world has collapsed around me, and when I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Small Group is MORE Important than ANYTHING ELSE WE DO IN CHURCH

If church leaders are so full of desire to help others, and to share God’s message, and I believe most are, then why do they undermine this desire by focusing on an activity which does nothing to build relationships?

Today’s ministry is upside down – one, or a few people, doing most of the work, because too much focus is placed on large group worship.  One person cannot help everyone else in a church, community, or city, not really, not realistically, not deep-in-the-dark-night-of-the-soul-timely, so: Why does the church’s main event mirror this?

3. I need to hear a Woman’s voice.

Male dominated, Freudian ministry has to stop. NOW.  There was more equality in the church of 2,000 years ago than there is in the church of today.  Both men and women need male and female voices speaking into their lives, and they will sacrifice correct theology to get it.

Next. I am more than a Spiritual Person.

I am also a physical, emotional, and thinking human being.  Ministers put a HUGE emphasis on the spiritual aspects of life.  In my first 20 years of Christianity, I neglected other aspects of my being until God used an illness to correct this broken belief.  I am soul, mind, and body – three aspects of the human being that God created and called “VERY GOOD.”

5. I do not have to be perfect.

Struggles in life are RARELY the result of willful, rebellious, ‘sinning’.  One merely has to be a somewhat active participant in life to encounter struggles.  How many successful people can say they always followed the rules? Creativity and thinking outside of the box is necessary to SURVIVE in today’s job market and economy.  Adding perfection to the mix complicates and confuses everything.  Life is hard.

6. Brokenness is a part of every story.

Ministers highlight the Christian growth IDEAL which emphasizes the end product of a lifetime of godly living.  I have labeled this “White Haired, Wise Old Woman” Christianity and it means anything that gives the impression that all elderly, white haired church members are paragons of virtue.  It sounds something like this: One day, if you live a godly life, follow all the rules, and mind your manners you will look back on your life with zero regrets.  You will have white hair, which is the symbol of wisdom, as a gift from God to show the world how godly your whole life has been.  Your children will be perfect, your house will be clean, and your dog will never poop on your carpet. (Just get cocky and insert for yourself any picture of a happy, perfect family with at least one aged family member who has white hair.)

This theory/teaching works until you meet that group of happy, aged, white haired swingers who relish stories about the good ol’ days when they smoked pot and danced naked at Woodstock, and Pastor, it sounds like SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN.

As a young Christian, I was so afraid of making that wrong decision, and creating a ‘regret’ for myself, that I could not make any decisions.  In a time of my life when so many important decisions are made, I sat on the bench, watching others play the game, worried about making the wrong move.

A girl can follow the rules and still have regrets.  One of my regrets is that I followed the rules.  Besides this, pastors need to accept that most of us cannot conceive an imagined end goal so far down the road that it includes old age.  We need something that works right here and now.

And. It’s all about the Journey.

Church became a stumbling place for me because I am very literal, and fall into all or nothing, black or white (I’m not referencing skin color here), type of thinking very easily.  I’m very sensitive and easily affected.  Someone told me it’s because I’m dysfunctional.  I don’t mind.  Everyone else I know is just like me.

There are more ‘dysfunctional’ people in your church than you realize, Pastor.  Church has become a stumbling place for them, the same as it had for me. If we did not create dysfunction for ourselves, someone else created dysfunction for us, and we view everything you say through this filter of ‘on/off, black/white, all/nothing’.  Accepting everything I’d heard preached in church out of this sense of absolutes has harmed my Christian growth more than it has helped it.  I had to leave church, in order to heal this aspect of my life, because Church contributes to all or nothing thinking.

8. I NEED people in my life; I don’t need you.

Which holds more substance: A one time ritual, or long-term relationship? Which is more necessary: A baby dedication ceremony, or a group of supportive friends who will listen to my rants, frustrations, and fears, who will cry, pray, and laugh with me through all of the ups and downs, the good and bad of parenting, and celebrate the joys year after year after year?

You, as a Pastor or Minister, are not supposed to meet my needs, and you’re not even supposed to try.  A ritual is fine to seal the deal.  It’s comforting, but it doesn’t offer much support for the long haul.  For the long haul, we NEED other people.

9. I still love God very deeply.

Not being “an active member of a church”, has nothing to do with my love for God, or my desire to be a good Christian.  You might be surprised to learn that my faith and my relationship with God grew after I quit going to church.  .

We put too much emphasis on church attendance when “Church” means going to a building where people meet to participate in an event.   Faith is not meant to be a once a week, large group, emotional upheaval, building up to some finale of grand spiritual decisions.  It is a daily, left foot, right foot, leaning on the shoulder of a friend while being a friend for someone else to lean on, and when I can – carrying my own weight, holding the hand of God, stumbling through wilderness, sometimes mountain-tops, sometimes valleys, boring and exciting, rain and shine, happy and sad, freaking crazy FAITH WALK.

Lastly. I believe you care.

I am thankful for the ministers in my life who taught me about God and how to study the Bible.  You could have chosen any path in life that would have been easier, but you followed God.  You might think I’m jaded or disillusioned, but I feel like someone who has come alive, like someone finally awake and aware, and I’ve cast off anything that hinders me in order to chase after God.  It bothers me that church was one of the hindrances.  That is why I’m taking the time to write this.

Maybe I am jaded, but I’m not the only one. I just cared enough to take the time to write all of it down and put it out there for others to read.  I want to see change, and be a part of that change.  All the Sunday/Wednesday pews are full of jaded Christians who continue to attend church for many reasons other than a love for God.  I’m not the only person who feels this way, I just had the guts to say it.

Do you agree or disagree with what you’ve read here? I often wonder if other people feel the same way as I do.  Maybe you feel jaded with ministry, or church, or would like to share your own thoughts on the subject.  Feel free to post comments below.  If you’d like, you can follow me by email, too.  Don’t forget to hit the Like, or Follow button below.  If you found this post helpful, feel free to share it with friends.



Management Mantras for Teachers

from Google Images

Hello! Thank you for visiting my site.  I’m really thankful for the likes and follows.  Seriously.  This is my therapy. It’s fun to share my stuff with others, hoping that it is helpful in some way, and receive positive feedback in return.  You deserve chocolate.  I mean that.  Go eat some chocolate Right NOW!!! You didn’t really need my permission, but you have it. You’re welcome.

For those of you who have been following and reading my blog for a while (You SERIOUSLY deserve chocolate), I mostly write poetry, but sometimes I jump into the Prose Party.

Party Hat Time!!!

Earlier this summer, I posted a blog about the importance of rest.  It was so much fun to write, and I want folks to know that I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH Homes.  This has been a very restful summer for me.  I hope it has been restful for you as well.  Following the three tips to a restful summer has paid off.  I feel my motivation and general MOJO returning stronger each day.

Today, I’m sitting in my new apartment about a week from starting back teaching in a new school year, and I’m thinking about the stuff I’d like to improve/do differently. I think I’m a hard worker, and I get a lot done, but I’m not one of those teachers who works through the summer, and puts in a ton of extra hours during the school year.  I used to be, for many years, until I found myself burned out beyond the point of recognition.  The root cause of my burn out was partly working too much, and partly health issues which lead to fatigue and depression.

I received some great advice from a friend to help me both keep my job (Yay! Gotta pay those bills!) but also work less, so that I could rest and deal with my health.  Props to you BRO.  You are the BEST.  You DESERVE Chocolate!  (Crowd Cheers! Confetti Fun! Everyone stares in joyful amazement!)

My friend is not a teacher; he is a business manager.  SURPRISE! The same management skills that lead to success in Business can lead to success in Teaching.

Here are a few of the Management Mantras that he shared with me.  These have helped me MOST PRODIGIOUSLY.  Adding them to my Pedagogy has improved my Happy Teacher OMs.  I hope they are helpful to you, as well.  Also, keep in mind that I am not claiming to be a management expert.  I’m a fun-loving, creative, free soul, who sometimes can find what I’m looking for on my desk, so please, PLEASE, feel free to share your own tips in the comments below.

1st of all: Be on Time and Leave on Time

The first thing my friend said to me was: Do not work overtime. Do not go in early or stay late.  We might think working extra hours looks good, but it can actually be quite harmful to your career.  Doing these three things signals to your boss that you are not using your time wisely. It sparks competiveness amongst co-workers that hinders team work. Working too much also can lead to poor health and lowers job satisfaction.  Get your work completed during the hours of the day that you are being paid to work.  A 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM work schedule means, “work from 7:30 to 3:30,” and then GO AWAY.  Work that you haven’t finished by 3:30 PM must wait to be completed the next business day.

This is pretty stupid advice for a teacher, right? Because teaching is a job that NEVER QUITS.  Which is also why this is FREAKING. AMAZING. ADVICE for a teacher, and I recommend you try it on for a bit.  You’ll love it.  Trust me.

In the beginning of my career, I was one of those teachers who worked, literally, ten to twelve hour days.  I worked on Saturdays and Sundays, too, grading papers and writing lesson plans, so you can imagine that I felt it was asking a lot to expect me to finish and leave work on time.  Not go in on the weekend? Pfffftttt!  Psych! What?

The first day that I put this lil bit of ‘how to’ into motion, I discovered something WONDERFUL!  I discovered there is more to life than work.  The next morning, I went into work anxious, feeling a bit like a slacker, but guess what? Everything was more than fine.  The building hadn’t collapsed or burned down in the night.

I still had the same cycle of papers to grade, paperwork, and lesson plans to tackle, except I worked harder to make sure I got finished what needed to be done before I left at 3:30 PM. This means keeping an up to date calendar with highlighted deadlines.  A routine to quickly complete daily end of the day tasks brought the MAGIC.  Add to this routine the work of preparing for tomorrow’s lessons before you leave.  Delegate everything you can possibly delegate to an aide, volunteer, or student.

Do the job of Teaching to best of your ability, managing your time wisely, accomplishing your responsibilities as much as possible in the allotted time, and then GO the Hell HOME.

Next:  Eat Lunch Hamsa

Why are you not eating lunch? Here is a true conversation I overhear often in the teacher circle:

Beautiful Teacher A: “I NEVER eat lunch!”

Beautiful Teacher B: “Me EITHER!”

Beautiful Teacher C:”Who has time for lunch?”

Me.  I have time for lunch, because I MAKE time for lunch.  My body, and my brain need fuel in order to do the job of teaching, and so does yours, because teaching is physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding.

I cannot say that I have ever truly been guilty of this.  I am an eater.  I LOVE food.  I’m Italian, so it’s part of my culture.  Appetite for life, for love, equals an appetite for food.  The three are as intertwined as the spaghetti noodles on my plate.  I only share it here because I have seen teachers skip lunch SO. MANY. TIMES.  This is NEVER good!  Make time for eating your lunch.  If my students are eating, I am eating, too.  Do it. Do it. Do it. or rather: Eat it. Eat it. Eat it.

If you are in a school that does not allow teachers the time they need for eating lunch, you are in a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, VERY BAD, NO GOOD school.  Leave.  Do not return.  I have worked in a school like this, so I know what I am talking about/what you are going through.  I still made time for lunch. On rare occasions I have finished my lunch in the classroom while my students work, or do silent reading, or play at recess.

I don’t want to be the HANGRY teacher.  I want to be the HAPPY teacher.  EATING means FEEDING your BODY.  This is very important.  How in the giant green blue world are you going to give to your students if you have not supplied your body with the energy needed to do the work of teaching.  Work uses Energy; Energy comes from Food.  I could be wrong here, but isn’t this basic science? I cannot stress this enough: EAT YOUR LUNCH!

And last, for now,   Focus on Developing YOU

Your job is nice, your school is great, your boss is AMAZING (Seriously, how does she/he do all that?), but in the end you cannot take it with you.  You might not even be able to take your carefully organized bulletin board border collection.  I know, I know.  I loved mine too.  Well, guess what?  You love your curriculum? Can’t take it.  Love your cabinets with their neatly organized files and boxes that you spent so much time labeling with color and patterned labels for ease of finding that one particular worksheet in a Kindergarten Moment? I’ll give you a ‘like’ and pin a picture of that to my board, but – Can’t take it with you.  What you will take with you is EVERYTHING IN YOUR BRAIN, so spend most of your time and focus on developing YOU. Organizing You. Strengthening You. Improving You. Labeling – Oops, no, don’t label yourself.

We spend so much time perfecting our classrooms, and it isn’t even the MAIN THING.  The main focus of your time and effort should ALWAYS be working your craft.  Draw a big Pie Chart circle on a sheet of paper, mark out 80% of your time, color it any color you choose (I chose YELLOW), and label it: TEACHER CRAFT.

Yep.  I really mean what I’m saying.  80% of your time goes to Teaching, and Developing your Teaching Skills.  The rest, the mumbo-jumbo pile of things others say, think, or expect us to spend our time doing? It gets the 20%.

This means every thing that is teaching or about teaching: reading literature/blogs/books about teaching, watching videos, YouTube, and vlogs re: teaching, and going to conferences centered around the topic of, you guessed it, teaching.  Every lesson you teach, lesson plan you write, the experience you gain through trying new things/ideas/strategies, networking and discussing teaching with other teachers, getting feedback from teaching evaluations, and sharing them with other teachers, learning from one another’s successes and struggles, reflecting on your teaching in your ‘Reflections on My Teaching’ journal.  It all goes into the 80% slice of pie.  Or Cake.  Or Pizza – which ever you prefer.

In closing, do not let anyone define success for you, in or out of the classroom.  If I had a dollar for every time a parent, or well meaning friend tried to tell me how I should conduct business in my classroom.  I’d have a LOT OF DOLLARS!!! In fact, I’d have so many dollars, I wouldn’t have to teach anymore.  I’d retire.

So here’s me sending you blessings on your school year and hoping that the rest of your summer is restful and relaxing and peaceful and wonderful!  You are wonderful, and you can do it!!!

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Debi Parnell's Moon

Still the sleepless night goes on

moonlight falling in at

angles untouched

by the sun.

I read once


is caused by wrestling matches

between the conscious and the unconscious

is that why

my coffee cup

and chamomile tea box clash

wrong colors and patterns

wrong shade of silver and yellow

wrong mix of flavors

one strong, the other weak

a war.

So give me the Great Bear

as a companion,

and Orion for a lover.

Stars sparkle

and eyes droop

but crickets continue to be silent.


The Weight of Small Bones

This bridge strains with the

stretching and pulling of the earth,

the shaking of the earth;

splintered and splintering,

moaning and sighing.

Such responsibility!

“People Must Cross Here!”

How heavy the weight of each bone,

and how inharmonious the union

of bone to soil.

“This is the bottom line!

There must be NO passing!”

Everyone must follow the rules

for safe transport from one line to another.

Linear be. What use is flesh and roots?

Small bones soar above it all,

riding the ever changing wave of the wind,

diving and gliding playfully,

singing out their echoing voices

from mountaintop to valley.

Bloggerific Summer

Three simple steps to a Bloggerific Summer:

Source: Google Images



Bloggers are so intelligent. I discovered how intelligent during a recent visit to my Pinterest account, where I discovered about one million DIY ways to make every single second of my day proactive, productive, and protein packed.  The intelligence of bloggers in their ability to turn me into an over-achieving, DIY, super-charged, self-aware, earth conscious, bio-degradable, organized, efficient, perky, LOL nerd is sky high and off the chart.  After scrolling down through the mix of about a few hundred blog sites, gifs, and random daily inspirational quotes shared by other pinners, I yawned.  The flurry of options almost made me want to get up off the couch – Hey! At least I thought about it!

It’s the summer, and I’ve got a break from school and teaching.  All year long I’ve dreamed of the wonderful projects and things I’d do, “once school is out.”  I’ve pinned them to my boards with descriptions like, “Will do this summer!”  and “Can’t wait to try this after finals.”  Now the time is here.  What have I done?  I can answer you with one word: SLEEP.

Oh Glorious Sleep! Oh Wondrous Mind-Numbing Nothing! Oh Beauteous Inactivity!  Oh the sweet, sweet joy of un-doing!  In my New and Improved Summer Dictionary, DIY stands for: Really? Pfffft! No! Do- it- YOUR-self, as I am lying on the sofa basking in non-motivation.

Long, long after other bloggers have milked their own cows, shaped their butts and abs, and sewn hand-me downs into one dollar wonders I am still in bed.

I don’t feel guilty about it, not at all, and neither should you.  In fact, here is the one blog that will really get some action this summer thanks to its helpful list for getting us on our way to an inefficient and unproductive, but very restful summer…

Number One: Sleep

Sleep. Sleep as often as possible.  Sleep, wake up, and then go back to sleep.  Sleep until you wake up naturally, then get up, walk into the other room where you can lay yourself down on the couch (DIY!), pick up a book, pretend to read, and then fall back asleep.  Or, for those of us who are more spiritually attuned: Wake up.  Sit in yoga/prayer position.  Meditate/Pray until falling back asleep.  Namaste. Omm. Snore and Amen.

Number Two: Say No.

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but here are a few examples:

“Are you going to mow the lawn today?”  No.

“Are you going to get out of bed today?” No.

“Are you going to do that thing?” NO.

No, no, and no are perfect answers to most questions.  Try it.

Number Three: Rest is Important

Without rest, our bodies and brains cannot be productive.  Without rest, we cannot properly take care of those who need our time and energy.  To be productive take care of yourself first.

This sounds so wrong.  Admit it – you read those words and cringed, and it wasn’t a normal “I-don’t-like-the-sound-of-that” cringe: nose slightly turned up, eyes down, mouth grimacing.  Oh no!  It was an “Oh-Lordty-I-just-read-something-pure-evil!” cringe: 10x(nose slightly turned up, eyes down, mouth grimacing).

RELAX and take a tip from the mother raccoon.

Baby coyote, Canis latrans, with young raccoon, Procyon lotor, on edge of lake, Missouri USA; Source: Google Images
Baby coyote, Canis latrans, with young raccoon, Procyon lotor, on edge of lake, Missouri USA; Source: Google Images

She catches her prey and feeds herself first, then she feeds her babies.  Why does she do this?  Is she greedy? Selfish? Unintelligent? NO. (See, I practiced step two.)  She knows that she needs energy to make it back to the nest, to fight off predators, and to defend her babies.  She needs enough energy to do it all again, before her next meal – before she is completely depleted of energy stores.  She also needs energy to teach her babies how to hunt and defend themselves.  Her own needs get a top priority because if she is not at her best, if she doesn’t store up energy first, she may die, leaving her babies helpless and vulnerable.  The most caring thing we can do for those we take care of is to take care of ourselves.

The over driven, over-worked, overly ambitious “American” lifestyle is damaging, neurotic, and toxic.  Do not make me pull out the facts, statistics, and basic supporting junk details.  Just Google it – make it part of your ‘pretend to read before falling back asleep’ plan.

Now you have reason to support steps one and two.  You’re welcome.

Maybe you don’t have the summer off, and maybe you work overtime or extended shifts.  Work the steps when you can, and reap the rewards as often as possible.  Practice makes Perfect.

Weekend To-Do Lists? NO.  After Work Stuff? Pffft! NO! Hyperactive Sundays? N.O. Don’t shake that religious finger at me, Girlfriends.  I’ve read the Bible.  God rested and He told us to do the same.

Motivation, devotion, and patience return soon after the mind and body are rested. At least, that is what I am preaching…



Hope at Fifth and Main

It’s not often one sees a vision of hope in a crowded metropolitan city, but this morning I saw it standing at the corner of Fifth and Main waiting for the Pedestrian Crossing Sign to change. She was a young, thirty something woman with brown hair.  It shone a dark gold color in the sun.  Her attire was rather plain except for the colorful stripes of her winter cap.  Her jacket was a utilitarian greenish brown with a black stripe down the sleeve. She blinked, staring into the direction of the rising sun.

It’s early in a busy city and so many people are moving, walking along the sidewalks, crossing the street, talking, eating, but she is waiting, standing still. Perhaps that is why she stood out to me; one fixed point at the center of chaos.  She had a slight tilt to her frame as if the satchel she carried were heavy, but not too heavy. Her brown eyes seem content to rest above her straight forward point of nose.  Everything about her seemed clear, even her face which was light and clean. “She must be the only relaxed person on the whole street– in the whole state!” I exclaimed to myself. She smiled and hugged the satchel’s strap to her shoulder. At that moment, I thought I could hear her thoughts. “This is what love feels like,” she said to herself. “Nothing complicated. Just a quiet good morning kiss in comfortable P.J.s. He walks the dog. I make the coffee. Simple.”  I nodded to myself.  She wants it to stay the same.  It probably won’t.  The light will change.  The sun will set.  So too, all our comforts.



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The Dancing Mugs

Writing Exercise: FACT VS. FICTION (a.k.a – The Dancing Mugs) or Assignment Numero Uno, Gracias, Senior. [A:1.5]

Coffee. AM.  Before thinking.  Before driving.  Before doing or being.  Just.  Coffee.  Coffee and dancing elephants.  Skirts twirling on elephants.  Skirts polka-dotted and glittering.  Dancing polka-dotted elephants. And Coffee.  One of the elephants, the young light toned one with heavily rouged cheeks, steps forward.  Pours herself a cup.  Sits down across the table from me and says, “Do you know what’s in your coffee?”

“Pfhht.  No.” I reply, “besides caffeine and goodness?  How about the kick we all need for pretending social grace.”  I sip again.  And again. Another sip.  Loud slurps.  Sweet slurps.  Creamy, loud, sweet slurps of Goodness Social Graces.  The large pink elephant with bright polka-dot and glitter skirt looked down, smoothed out a ruffle, adjusted her tankini top and smirked, “your coffee is spiked.”

I nod.  “You’re cute.  Wanna go out later?”

“I’m into bulls,” she replied.

“So am I.  Into bulls.  Guys.  Whatever.  As friends.  We could go out.”

Just friends and coffee.

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